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2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review | Ford Finally Builds a Midsize Pickup | Edmunds – The all-new Ford Ranger Midsize Pickup Truck – durable design, outstanding capacity and fuel efficiency, the Ranger is built for off-road adventure.

Ford revealed for the first mature the supplementary Ford Ranger pick-up that will concentrate on more power, greater fuel-efficiency, enhanced refinement and enlightened driver guidance technologies for customers across Europe from mid-2019. The stylish and versatile other checking account of Europe’s best-selling pick-up introduces Ford’s far ahead 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine later selective catalytic narrowing (SCR) for optimised emissions, delivering stirring to a 9 per cent fuel-efficiency proceed next amass afterward an liberal further 10-speed automatic transmission.

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In this First Drive review , Dan Edmunds gives all the details of the 2019 Ford Ranger including the interior, exterior, the bed, MPG, towing specs, off-road performance, and all the configurations.

We haven’t had the Ford Ranger here in North America since 2011, and even then it was a compact pickup that no one much wanted apart from fleet buyers. Ford stood on the sidelines as the compact segment evolved into a midsize pickup segment and flourished. Now, at long last, Ford is ready to jump back in with the 2019 Ford Ranger, and Americanized version of a world-market Ranger that was never sold on these shores.

Q: What engine powers the 2019 Ford Ranger?
A: The new Ranger offers just one engine, a 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost that makes 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The Tacoma and the Colorado make a bit more power, but the Ranger makes considerably more torque than either of them. As a pickup, the extra torque may serve it well. And the turbocharged engine won’t lose oomph in high-altitude locales.

Q: Is the Ford Ranger any good at towing?
A: Yes, the Ford Ranger is well-equipped to tow. It has a 7,500-pound tow rating, and that applies to all cab, bed and drive configurations. All you need to do to get that rating is opt for the trailer towing package. The engine’s torque certainly makes this believable, but it is the 10-speed automatic (the only offering) that seals the deal for us. Such a high number of gears means there should be no hunting or dithering on grades because the right gear will always be close at hand.

Q: Can the Ford Ranger haul much payload?
A: The Ford Ranger has the highest payload rating among all midsize pickups. The extended-cab 4×2 can haul 1,860 pounds and has no equal. The extended-cab 4×4 (1,770 pounds) and crew-cab 4×2 (1,650 pounds) also offer best-in-class payload ratings for those configurations. Oddly, the Ranger crew-cab 4×4’s rating of 1,560 pounds trails behind similar versions of the Colorado/Canyon and the Honda Ridgeline, but only slightly.

Q: What is the Ford Ranger like inside?
A: The new Ranger is based on a Ford Australia design that dates back to 2011, and the interior does show its age from a design standpoint. It looks like a Ford from 15 years ago, with tiny buttons and a plain central touchscreen infotainment system. The seats are comfortable and the driving position is excellent, but we wish the rear seat had a split-fold mechanism. As it stands, you can’t put one person on one side and cargo on the other unless you pile your stuff on the seat itself.

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2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review | Ford Finally Builds a Midsize Pickup | Edmunds