2019 Ford Ranger First Impressions; What Happens to Our Cars After Testing | Talking Cars #192

2019 Ford Ranger First Impressions; What Happens to Our Cars After Testing | Talking Cars #192 – The all-new Ford Ranger Midsize Pickup Truck – durable design, outstanding capability and fuel efficiency, the Ranger is built for off-road adventure.

Ford revealed for the first mature the supplementary Ford Ranger pick-up that will dispatch more power, greater fuel-efficiency, enhanced refinement and broadminded driver information technologies for customers across Europe from mid-2019. The stylish and versatile further tally of Europe’s best-selling pick-up introduces Ford’s highly developed 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine in the manner of selective catalytic dwindling (SCR) for optimised emissions, delivering up to a 9 per cent fuel-efficiency press on gone amassed in imitation of an enlightened new 10-speed automatic transmission.

WHICH truck should you BUY? 2019 Ford Ranger or Chevy Colorado

We just took delivery of our very own 2019 Ford Ranger, and give our first impressions of what it’s like to drive this resurrected small pickup truck. We answer audience questions about the AWD system in the Toyota RAV4 hybrid, if an electric is the right choice for a snowy, mountainous climate, and what to do about a car’s safety sensors that get obstructed by snow, salt, and ice. Finally, ever wonder what happens to CR’s cars once the final test is complete? We go behind the scenes and tell you how testing continues, even after a vehicle leaves the test track for the final time.


:26 – what we do with our cars when testing is complete

6:15 – 2019 Ford Ranger

9:31 – Tesla Model 3 reliability

14:00 – Question #1: How does an all-wheel drive system work in a hybrid?

18:42 – Question #2: should I buy an electric vehicle in a cold, snowy climate?

22:37 – reliability of advanced safety sensors in wintry conditions


2019 Ford Ranger Quick Drive: https://youtu.be/VQ09demkO_E

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Ford Ranger Wallpaper:

The Design Theory Behind Airdesign USA's Award winning 2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger Baseline Chassis Dyno Testing

2019 Ford Ranger with Leer’s new 100SCC commercial cap & BedSlide storage platform

2019 Ford Ranger First Impressions; What Happens to Our Cars After Testing | Talking Cars #192