New 2020 BMW M3 Spied – [English]

2020 BMW M3 – The next-generation BMW M3 – duе fоr lаunсh іn 2020 – іѕ expected tо uѕе аn extensively updated vеrѕіоn оf BMW’s twіn-ѕсrоll turbocharged 3.0-litre … – New 2020 BMW M3 Spied – [English]

2020 BMW M340i Emerges Just Shy Of A Full-On M3

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This year the M3 and its brasher two-door M4 sibling will regenerate at September’s Frankfurt motor show. They’ll both go up in price a tad, but so does power (to 474bhp) and torque (to at least 480lb ft). That’s 30bhp more than the Audi RS4/5 can muster, and eclipses the Mercedes-AMG C63 saloon (though it’s shy of the uprated 503bhp C63 S).

We’re also hearing some definitive news on M3 statistics, albeit on an unofficial level. The car should pack 480 horsepower (358 kilowatts) from a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline six cylinder, and it will deliver that power to the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic. An xDrive model powering all four wheels will also be available, though it’s said to have a two-wheel-drive mode similar to what BMW offers on the M5. Furthermore, the new M3 is expected to be a touch lighter than the previous model, despite the new 3 Series growing in pretty much every dimension.

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New 2020 BMW M3 Spied - [English]

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New 2020 BMW M3 Spied - [English]